Sunday, 10 June 2012

Our 3 Planned Talks for Java One

Having written about my career history and how I came to be speaking at Java One, I thought it would be useful to briefly outline what the three talks are and what we hope people will get from attending them.

Community Driving the Future of Java: Adopt a JSR - BOF4540

This BOF is an open discussion on the Adopt a JSR program, which aims at encouraging Java Community members to get involved with Java Specification Requests. We are going to highlight our journey through from starting with a lightning talk right through to working with Stephen Colebourne to help validate the design of JSR-310. We will do a small introduction on what we have worked on to set the scene and then the main focus of this talk is to discuss what people think about the Adopt a JSR and if there is more we could potentially be doing to help move this initiative forwards. If you're planning on coming along to the event, I'd recommend that you take a look at the following first to get the most out of it:
The event can be attended by Java developers of any level, and it would be specifically useful for members of other JUGs working on Adopt a JSR to come along to the BOF. We are hoping to have other senior LJC members in the audience with a wealth of experience when it comes to Adopt a JSR. For specific JSR-310 discussion the follow on session below will be useful too.

JSR 310: What’s Taking So Long? - BOF5127

Following on from our BOF on Adopt a JSR this BOF is on the work we have contributed to the design and testing of JSR-310 and the ThreeTen project. We want to use this session to explain and work with delegates on the complexity of developing an API that is capable of ISO-standard calendar systems, whilst making it extendable to support more complex calendar systems. It will be a great opportunity for us to dig under the covers of the new API and explain some of the decisions made. We will be joined by Roger Riggs of Oracle and we are hoping Stephen Colebourne will be along to join in the discussion. This talk is suitable for Java developers of any level who want to know more about how JSR-310 will change the way we work with dates in Java.

To get the most out of this session the following would be good pre reading materials:

London Java Community: How to change the world - CONF5130

The final talk we have had accepted is based on our experiences of working as a group of developers contributing to the Java Community Process. The London Java community has more than 2000 developers and is rapidly growing, all with their own (frequently differing) opinions and ideas. Our aim has been to provide a single voice for many developers and has had many challenges along the way, but also some successes. This conference session will give you direct access to a panel of developers that have been working for the London Java Community in this capacity:
Come along and find out what we have been working on, what problems we have faced and how we have worked to gain success. Hopefully you will get the answer to "Is it worth it?".

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